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Biden inauguration prep rejected by committee; Lawmaker threatens to subpoena Dominion CEO

Why wouldn’t Joe Biden be allowed to prepare for his inauguration? Maybe because he hasn’t been elected POTUS?

00:00 Committee Rejects Biden Inauguration Prep The “Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies” has not passed a resolution to acknowledge Biden as the President-elect. The resolution was put forth by a Democrat Chairman but was rejected by the three Republican members.
00:37 CNN, Biden Adviser Attend Chinese Meeting The Chinese Communist Party held a conference, backed by Communist Party leader Xi Jinping where a CNN host and an adviser to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign attended.
02:28 Lawmaker to CEO: Appear or Be Subpoenaed A Michigan lawmaker told the CEO of Dominion to choose between testifying before lawmakers or being subpoenaed.
03:51 Choosing Electors Could Overturn Results In recent updates, the secretary of state called Georgia for Biden, again. Even with multiple investigations on election fraud still open and the investigation unfinished.

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