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Comms Update: President Trump

Comms Update: President Donald J. Trump

President Trump is drawing our attention to Q drop 4424, which contains important information that is relevant to what is currently happening with General Flynn, who knows where the “bodies” are buried but is under a gag order until his case is dismissed. 4424 also explains the protesting, violence and lack of will to maintain law and order.

We/Patriots are arriving at the FINAL LEVEL, gaining momentum as we go. While it may seem like the [DS] is winning, keep in mind Sun Tzu quote I posted previously. The [DS] is in full PANIC mode. All assets are being deployed, but it will do them no good. [They] are pathetically stupid, and PATRIOTS are fully in control. Stay vigilant.

The Fake News is collapsing.

Link to Tweet in 4424:

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