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DS Attack: Putting United Airlines Flight 328 Into Perspective

Whenever a plane goes down, the first question to ask is, “Who was onboard?” [They] will take down an airliner full of innocents in order to take out their target. Most aircraft crashes are intentional.
After visiting Russia’s Mission In Syria operation, a team of international investigators belonging to the Reporters Sans Frontiers (Reporters Without Borders) departed for the United States; their final destination being Australia, to uncover the true cause of death of the Australian military intelligence officer who was suicided before he could turn over an encrypted hard drive of war crime evidence. The mysterious death of the Australian military intelligence officer joins the supposed suicides of 9 other Australian special forces soldiers over the past few months.
One of the engines of United Airlines Flight 328 flying the team on the first leg of their route from the United States to Australia, en route from Denver to Honolulu, exploded mid-flight.

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