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IG Report: Softening the Target

B2 aka Bill Barr just went from stealth mode to public.

The IG report was just another load of carpet bombs to soften the target. Some of you may not feel like it was anything important. Note that Horowitz is not a prosecutor. The IG report is a report. Therefore, the scope of the IG report is limited. The fake news aka Mockingbird Media will try to spin this and downplay it, but more and more people are seeing through their lies and manipulation.

What the IG report establishes is that FISA was knowingly abused and who knowingly abused FISA. Comey is in the IG Report under the name Corney, for reasons we are uncovering.

Durham will give the why.

This is how real investigations are conducted. There are no leaks. These things take time.

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