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Impeachment Plan – Enjoy the Show

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; Do not be concerned about impeachment.

Impeachment does NOT mean President Trump will be removed from office.

The Senate must agree by 2/3 majority to remove the president. This will NOT happen.

Right now, the House is exposing the DS and Shadow Government corruption with their impeachment attempts. The corrupt, fake Mockingbird Media is being exposed. This is all planned to awaken the public.

IF the House agrees on impeachment, it will move to the Senate where it will fail; but not before there is a public, televised trial. President Trump will be able to call witnesses and question them in public. Knowing what you know now, imagine that there is still a lot of information I have yet to share with you. Imagine this information being shared to the American public on live television. This will be a disaster for the leftist Democrats, the DS and Shadow Government.

President Trump is a stable genius. He plays 5D chess, not checkers. Every attack [they] make is not only planned for, he is pushing them in that direction; into the ambush. This is truly the art of war.

You are watching a movie. We win in the end. Enjoy the show!

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