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Michigan’s Hapless Governor Continues Deadly COVID-19 Nursing Home Policy

It’s bad enough that Governor Andrew Cuomo instituted the dangerous policy that forced nursing homes and long-term care facilities to accept COVID-positive patients against their will.

It’s bad enough that this policy appears to have led to the rampant spread of the coronavirus in New York nursing homes and, tragically, thousands of deaths in those facilities.

It’s bad enough that it took Cuomo weeks of denial, deflection, and histrionics before he finally re-evaluated this policy and only partially rescinded it.

It’s bad enough that Cuomo’s office quietly “disappeared” the policy from the New York State website so as to pretend as though the deadly miscue never really happened in the first place.

It’s bad enough that Cuomo’s feckless brother chose to yuk it up with the governor in primetime interviews on CNN rather than press him on the palpable failures his administration engineered in the Empire State.

All of that is bad.

What’s even worse and, frankly, unforgivable, is that the state of Michigan continues the same type of policy and refuses to release any statistics showing the number of COVID deaths that are associated with nursing homes and the policy.

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