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Minnesota Witness: Mentally Handicapped Individuals Forced to Vote for Biden

Stealing the elderly and mentally disabled vote is a well-documented and fraudulent election practice taking place across the nation. Specifically, voting “handlers” have been known to register to vote on behalf of these vulnerable citizens or force them to vote for the candidate they are representing.

On November 2, 2020, in Otsego, Minnesota, a retired construction worker, developer, and land investor made one such declaration.

In a sworn affidavit, this person witnessed “a busload of Severely Mentally Handicapped People who were forced by handlers to vote for Joe Biden.”  In great detail, the witness describes being at the Sherburne County Office and standing right next to a line of severely mentally handicapped people who were there for early voting, and watching them being taken, one by one, up to vote, with someone else (caretaker/handler) holding their hand and forcing them to make voting choices. The witness notes that “the caretakers were the ones making the voting choices for these handicapped people.” They literally held the handicapped person’s hand in theirs and marked the ballot for them. The witness was close enough to see they were forced to vote for Joe Biden, and indicated that many of them could not even hold a pen by themselves and appeared unable to make voting decisions.

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