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Florida coronavirus patient lives on thanks to Trump-backed drug

A Florida man diagnosed with coronavirus claims he was saved from certain death by an anti-malaria drug touted as a possible treatment by President Trump. Chloroquine.

Pelosi’s China Virus Bill Stuffed with Pork

No voter ID to get a ballot, and anonymous “ballot harvesting”...why is that hidden in Speaker Pelosi’s coronavirus bill? These are issues that shouldn’t be addressed at this time. #singleissuebills…

Follow the White Rabbit: US Army Garrison Benelux

From the US Army Garrison Benelux What are the most US troops on European soil doing now that the NATO exercises have been canceled? Follow the white rabbit.

Comms Update: Tom Hanks

Comms update: Tom Hanks “Two weeks since I got bounced. I told them nothing. Works like this: You don’t rat on me, I won’t rat on you, and they’ll have…