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The US Military is In Charge – Donald J. Trump is POTUS

None of the US Military Twitter accounts follow Biden. However, they DO follow Mike Pompeo and POTUS45.US Military Twitter Accounts

While the White House lights have been dark for days, CASTLE ROCK STUDIOS WHITE HOUSE lights ON. Activity at the White House soundstage. Lights on. The stage is set.

One of these is a Military Occupation on foreign soil.
The other is Myanmar.
DC GOV officials can’t get through the fence surrounding the US Capitol?

Biden hasn’t flown on Air Force 1. The Biden admin still hasn’t been given access to critical military info. After acting as if Space Force was a joke during a press conference:

Biden’s fake press secretary tweets, basically admitting that the fake Biden administration is not getting military briefings:

Richard Potcner and other citizen journalists continue to confirm unusual military activity in DC through this morning.  Potcner videoed military helicopters flying low over the Capitol this morning.  Eight more buses of National Guard arrived yesterday at the Capitol as well.

Kamala Harris said she wasn’t moving into the VP residence at the Naval Observatory because the residence was being refurbished, yet no construction or remodeling work is going on at the VP residence.

The White House continues to look uninhabited this morning, with no lights on in the windows even though the day is dark and overcast with snow flurries.

And there were huge military ATVs parked in front of the White House yesterday.  Not the kind of vehicles generals would arrive in for a briefing.  No normal motorcades of foreign dignitaries, no meetings with Congress, no Secret Service coming and going.  Just huge military vehicles parked there, as if the White House grounds have become a military storage place.

Potcner also got a photo of the 10th Mountain Division still in DC a day or two ago.


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