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USA Officially Acknowledged As Being the Least Racist Nation in the Entire World

With the United States of America officially acknowledged as being the least racist nation in the entire world, the Marxist-communist forces led by Biden seeking to destroy America have deployed to devastating effect the neo-Marxist movement called Critical Race Theory that rejects equal opportunity, merit and objectivity. It is a Marxist theory that moves race to the center of our focus in order to destroy a society. It is a Marxist theory that rejects the principle of equality of opportunity, as its adherents insist that equality of opportunity is a myth, not a reality Critical Race Theory is never ending, because the insane core tenet of this Marxist theory states: “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination, and the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” Today, Biden’s main Critical Race Theory official openly declared to the American people: “I want us to be feared!”.

Source of USA being the least racist nation in the world:

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