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What I Witnessed on the Arizona Auditing Floor – The Ballots Are Scanned, Tested and Documented – The Process is Well Organized and VERY Secure

The first thing I noticed was the videographer, who documents and records everything (ex. any issue with ballots upon opening box). I observed teams of three “counters” checking each ballot on a rotating table and adding a timestamp to each tally sheet. It was a smooth process.
After a box of ballots was counted, the ballot box chain of custody is then updated.
Then the ballot is taken to a forensic scanning station to test the weight, texture, …and vote bubbles.
These tests are used to authenticate the ballot. Each ballot is photographed; a forensic scan is taken, ballots are numbered and issues are recorded on the paper examination log. After this process is completed, the chain of custody is updated again and the box is sealed with the tape color of the team who counted. Everything that happens in this room is recorded and documented – Everything! This process may have more checks and balances than our current executive branch or any branch of government!
The Republican leaders are pulling off an auditing miracle.

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