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The Nordstream 2 Pipeline Sabotage

Here are a few facts about the [Nordstream Pipeline] sabotage:

  1. Biden said we were going to do it

  2. It happened “overnight” on the 26th of September

  3. We have a US Navy P8 fly from the United States to a refueling rendezvous point over Grudziądz Poland at 0210 hrs GMT

  4. The two aircraft, Callsign N/A, and BART12 sync up at 26,400 ft for an extended 1:20 minute refueling, disconnecting at 0328 hrs GMT

  5. The BART12 air refueler RTB’d to Spangdahlem Air Base Germany and one should note the flight record has been wiped

  6. The Navy P8 then continues onto the Nord Stream Pipeline location and descends to an altitude of <10,000 ft at 0345 hrs GMT

  7. The Navy P8 exits the area just prior to 0700 hrs and is the only aircraft over the area the entire time

  8. At 0709 hrs GMT the Navy P8 returns back to the United States. Note: the US Navy P8 HexCode is AE6851 and is NOT listed in the aircraft database. Furthermore, the aircraft flew as “masked” meaning it did not want to be tracked

  9. Datapoint, there were recorded 2.3 magnitude shakes in the area at that same time

  10. The following morning NATO Forces announce that overnight the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline has been sabotaged

  11. A Poland Ministry Official posts a tweet thanking the United States for taking out the Pipeline

  12. On September 29th in front of the UN Security Council a Russian Federation spokesperson presents the known facts and asks the United States representative directly in a yes or no requested response, “did the United States take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline” in which the US representative did not confirm nor deny it and didn’t answer the question, but instead took an offensive posture

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