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Konnech’s 2DMeeting Domains Exposed And How This Relates To The Leaking Of PII To Chinese Servers

The FBI continues to dismiss the National Security risks posed by Konnech as new details continue to surface.

Over the last few weeks, we have learned a great deal about Konnech. The Detroit-based company offers products that can track election workers, connect to the internet, and some of the Chinese R&D (Research and Development) Subsidiaries directly tied to Konnech and Eugene Yu.

Suppose you aren’t privy to this information.

In that case, I suggest you check out some articles by Kanekoa, Brian Cates, Gus Quixote, KAG Drogo, Diggersleuth, Cognitive Carbon, and many others to gain context to the Konnech story unfolding.

Understanding the content in my previous article is very important to grasp the following connections related to data being transferred to China and the implications involved.

There are many domains owned by Konnech under and, with the most alarming domain being 2Dmeeting which is a Subsidiary of Jinhua Hongzheng Technology Co., Ltd

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